Conseguirias Sobreviver Um Dia Sem O Teu Telemóvel?

We have been living in a world where the phone is probably our best friends, his stick with him whatever we go, it's our life saver... But sometimes we create bad habits with it, we become more anti-social and lazy because we are so dependent on our phones and the internet. We forget to socialise with people face to face and I think we losing those values that we learnt in school and also at home. 

So this is my challenge to you folks, 1 day without your phone, a day without a necessity of going to your Facebook or Instagram to check who liked your recent picture and who send you a fancy direct message. Only a day with your mates and the most loved ones with music, camera and dance to capture the best moments to remember tomorrow, a habit to not only do once in year or month but at least twice a week, so simple to disconnect from this futile world!

Live Like me, Live Like Chellito.