Momento De Beleza Com: Zahra Omarji


Momento De Beleza Com: Zahra Omarji


Beauty sometimes can be really weird for woman, one morning you feel the prettiest woman in the world the next day you hate yourself -  it’s both profound and superficial, so weird isn’t it? There is old questions that still come through our minds, how to maintain the perfect skin? Is it a result of the products we use or the foods that we eat? Ask yourself…  Sometimes we struggle to find the perfect makeup for our skin and it can be a tragic complication for our lives, it could damage our skin and also your health, so it is important to know how to use it and what brands better suits us. All you need to know today with Zahra Omarji!


Do you always keep the same look before going out?

Well, it’s hard to believe but when it comes to social events and parties I always have my staple “go to” look because for me there is a difference between real life makeup and Instagram makeup. In real life, I love classic and timeless makeup! I know in ten years I will look at my pictures and have no “cringy moments”. 

Tricky question now! If you had 5 minutes to get your look done for an event what would you do?

Well, perfect glowy skin and bold red lips never fail me and any women! 

How did beauty cosmetics has arrived through your life?

So I just had moved to Portugal in 2014 and it was winter and I felt super pale and dull so I asked my cousin to take me to buy a foundation, this is when I first encountered the brand “Bobbi Brown” and I fell in love with the concept of looking like you but better, so I slowly started to wear makeup and then my interest started growing up.  I was more into makeup on the weekends because being the new kid in school and new country I felt lonely without any friends, so I had to find an occupation, so it was makeup.  I evolved myself to the movement since then, learning how to do it was a matter of taking small steps and getting into this beauty community world because I used to be part of the no makeup squad. 

Living in the modern life requires a woman to always look stunning. Especially if you have to meet special people every day, such as your clients, partners, or friends. You must give your best appearance to describe yourself first before attitude can tell yourself more. Appreciate yourself to be the best version of you.


A lot of people in our society choose not to use makeup, what is your point of view?

I embrace all kinds of beauty, natural or with makeup, I feel like every woman has her own essence and we should embrace them all! I love that old saying “beauty is deeper than the surface” 

Do you have any advice for someone that is starting applying some makeup for the first time

 Oh yessss ! Of course I do! Make sure you start slow and simple so you can gradually evolve. Never ever sleep with your makeup on and careful with the eyeshadow, there is no such thing as too much blending work. 

Do you have any rituals when you wake up or go to sleep? There's any kind of products do you use to keep your skin soft and healthy?

I am not very picky about my beauty skin care, I make sure to always take my makeup off before I sleep so my skin can breathe and regenerate and I moisturize every single night and morning! I also have seen a lot of improvement ever since I started drinking half a bottle of water when I wake up and before I sleep, especially before sleeping because it keeps your organs and skin hydrated thru the night. 




Now, tell us a bit more about yourself and your ethnicity and how it translates to your beauty?

Well , I am from South East of Asia and I am a descendant of Indian immigrants , they came to Mozambique looking for a better life and since a very young age I learned with my grandmother the importance of skin care and hair care for south East asian women, she always relied on ancient indian beauty masks and oils , we didn’t have much acess to modern beauty cosmetics in my little hometown, so everything that was natural was our bestfriend and I always learned a lot of beauty skin care secrets from african tribal women so for me beauty translates to something that is deeper than what the eye sees, beauty is a universal language , beauty is diversity and most of all beauty is knowledge and simplicity. All beautiful women that I encountered have one two things in common, a great smile and a strength that is deeper than any cosmetic.