O Teu Look Reflete A Tua Personalidade?


Your look reflects your personality?


Have you ever thought that your look in other people’s minds reflects a personality that you are completely unfamiliar with? Especially when they look at you differently on the bus or on the street, because of the look of your hair, your makeup and clothes are different in their eyes, are you ever asked yourself what image they have about you? 


Well, a lot of people might say to you: “Hey man your style is dope, I love it!” Of course, I'll take the compliment and its always good to get those feedbacks on the streets when you walking, it boots your confidence and also your attitude. But many people don’t know what style means… The style is a process in everything you do, many can translate in what they wearing others can translate in the way they talk, or walk but also in their home decoration. It is based on all these elements that allow you to translate style in other people’s eyes. You are probably asking yourself now, how I know that I have style? Well, I think it only happens when you know yourself, many people might show up to a gala or a party and you can see straight through that they don’t feel confident with what they are wearing. First of all, you must allow yourself to know yourself, secondly, you must be brave because the whole point is to be accepted in your society, and that's all we want! Thirdly, you have to fail so you can find your comfort zone, make mistakes go above and beyond, to the point you feel: “Hey that’s too far, let me go back because that's the way that I feel happy with” and then you know exactly what better suits you and what doesn’t, because whatever you try new, you already know that there’s a limit and you can’t go above. 


I think grown-ish engage perfectly to this post because of the story of each individual,  is all about trying to be accepted in what they do best. So they will fail because it's part of the process until they get it right because that's the only of getting right. But also accepting the differences of each other, even if you don't like,  but as long you respect everyone's choices everything will seem to be so much easier and you will see that is not that hard to live with contrasts. 

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