Aqui Há Estilo com: Julia Enogieru


Julia Enogieru


Julia and I met last year and soon enough we shared a really nice ideas about fashion & style and the differences about our lifestyle’s as we both have African ethnicities and I live in Uk and she lives in Germany I think it was crucial to build a nice friendship. Julia has a true beauty from inside and outside that speaks of itself that is undoubted. Seeing her creating her style around that is just amazing, when she adopts that 60s style and also the filters she uses on Instagram it gives such an nice look! No more further talk guys Ladies and Gentleman’s meet Julia Enogieru.


Your style in 3 words: Simple, 60s inspired, chic

In your perspective What’s the most important in style? Be unique 

The most wanted item in your closet? Some nice comfortable trousers

Your biggest influence in fashion? Negin Mirsalehi

What’s your favorite outfit? Blue mom jeans, a simple t-shirt, and a nice jacket

Your top 3 Instagram Muse? Matiamu by SofiaMatilda Djerf, and Janni Deler


Tell me about your culture and how that might influenced your way of styling?

I grew up in Germany my father is from Nigeria and mother German. The nationality and ethnicity didn’t really affect my sense of style, more the people I see and admire wearing some crazy outfits on the street and also the amazing Instagram pictures that I discover everyday. I really can’t say much about my African culture because I didn’t get to see close how they wear and also fashion sense, except when I visit my dad in Ireland. But what I can say from my understanding when I go to African parties, you will get to see a lot of colours, creative patterns and all kind of hair bands that somehow gets my attention. 



Tell us about your personality?

My personality isn’t that easy to describe. I see myself as an ambitious woman hard worker and fun. Someone that you can laugh about everything and who takes the longest to get a joke. I’m also really easy of forgetting things but someone that you can be relied on. As you can probably tell from those who follow me on Instagram, my captions I relate about serious topics such as the importance of life, loving yourself and also fighting for your dreams. 

How’s your life in Munich?

I do really like living here, really nice city to live, not really big but at the same time not small too. We have some quite nice parks to hang out around in summer and a lot of cozy restaurants & bars. I do really like the fact that I have the opportunity to study and having a part-time job on weekends and also being able to still living at “home”. If there’s anything that I could change in Munich, is definitely the weather! It gets very cold in wintertime which literally we have no summer days and that is really depressive.