Aqui Há Estilo Com: Sylvaine Boffel




I think when I see French beauty & style, I see something natural like there’s no much effort is just,  it is what it is. It comes from inside, sometimes is almost perfect, the way they walk and talk is so chic and cinematic, just amazing! There’s so much to talk about French style, it seems like there is a secret or a gold trunk where they get their clothes and make-up because you can never guess how they're going to look like, but you know they going to look fresh. You can notice all these elements in Sylvaine, from I, see in her outfits there's a foundation (We need to figure it out guys!) that keeps her consistent when choosing the outfit for the right time. You can see there’s no exaggeration but there’s a simplicity in matching the outfit with the accessories and true beauty that in people’s eyes get more attention. A lot of people is scared of expressing their style because they are worried of what others might say even if they have a nice fashion sense, it totally blocks their bubble of creativity and I think Sissy translates the opposite. She’s an influencer and high professional motivational speaker, definitely someone that we can look up to and inspire. Ladies and Gentlemen’s meet Sylvaine Boffel!

Your Style in 3 words?

Free, Fun and Unique 

In your perspective What’s the most important item in your style?

I think that there are a lot of items that would rock a style, but the most important item to style for me is shoes. Always invest in good, stylish and comfortable shoes and you can wear them with anything you like! 

Your most wanted item in your closet?

My most wanted item in my closet (smile) well I am really kind of a classy and glamour chic girl with a pinch of craziness and I love high waisted wide leg pants. Comfy, classy, it makes your shape look glam, you can rock it with high heels or cool it down with a pair of sneakers. 


our biggest Influence in fashion?

There are so many, it’s hard for me to stick to only one main fashion inspiration as my personality and character evolve with time. However, I would say that my biggest influence in fashion is the Masculin/Féminin by Yves Saint Laurent. It has its classy and sassy attitude that I love to see in a woman.

What's your favorite outfit?

My favorite outfit would be the one you choose in the morning before going to work or school: it’s never the same and always improvised, wear whatever you feel like.

Your top 3 Instagram Muse?

My top 3 Instagram Muse: MuseuniformAsiyami GoldOgo Offodile.




Tell me about your culture and how that might be influenced your style?

I was born in Congo, Kinshasa and left at the age of two then lived in South Africa, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Holland, France and of course traveled a lot in some other countries...(ok let’s stop there lol). I am influenced by all these different cultures and I am open minded to my way of styling as long as it looks good on me. 

Tell us about your personality?

The hardest question to answer, hum I will kind of describe my personality in three words : bold, dreamer and ambitious.