Estás Com Ressaca? Boa, Eis o Primeiro Bar Para os Ressacados!


New stuff coming to you guys, for those who are worried about the consequences of a really long drinking time in Amsterdam, as new innovated bar appeared that is designed to cure all the pains and also the horrible hangovers around!  

The idea behind this amazing concept is so brilliant and creatively inspired in the prevalent millennial adages "Netflix and Chill". When it offers all the facilities necessary to drawn out beneath a fluffy duvet. 

Before arriving at the bar, guests are allowed to choose between the most luxurious beds or stay in the standard and then book a spot online. At the entrance, there's breathalyser test to ensure that each guest has had the certain alcohol in their blood and then they are guided to their bunk. There, they can roll up into a really warm blanket and watch the movies a huge selection of movies on trend.


Check the video here to have a better view of how it is!

Marcelo Van DunemComment