Como Uma Boa Decoração Pode Mudar a Sua Maneira De Viver?


How much attention  you pay to a really good home decor? Do you think a good sense of decor could have a huge impact in your lifestyle? Guess what? Here you will know all the facts and tips to improve your way of living.

Home decor is quickly becoming an “it” industry in 2015. Once dominated by big-box retailers and independent interior designers, the home decor industry is undergoing a sea change and a few innovative startups are leading the charge. Home furnishings shoppers used to start with the likes of Ikea but now it seems the industry has changed. Today's day we have tools such as Pinterest and design blogs providing endless inspiration and access, there are a lot more choices, variety and experimentation. 

Physical Comfort

For many people, the furniture they select simply matches a theme or colour scheme. Comfort should be  huge factor when picking out furniture. Having uncomfortable furniture makes your guests uncomfortable, which can add stress when hosting a party. However, be careful - if guests are too comfortable they may feel welcomed. 

Impress Your Friends

Once your apartment is all furnished and beautiful, you'll be the envy of all your friends. Some of them might come to you for decorating advice, looking to make their home give off the relaxing and comfortable vibe that your place gives off. You can also find amazing tips and inspirations on the internet to "wow" your friends with.

Self Satisfaction

For whatever reason, There is always a certain self-satisfaction and complacent associated with having a great pad. You might not realise but it is a boost to your self-esteem. Knowing that you have a great taste when compared to your current trends it boots overall your well-being. Whatever style you emerge, decorating your place with awesome furniture and colours can lead to happiness but can also lead to productivity to your daily life.

Better Mood

Taste in furniture differs from person to person. The most important thing of decorating your home is to make it appeal to your style and senses. Even if you are not blessed with interior design taste, as long you are happy and comfortable is what matters.  Specially when you stressed and tired after a long day at work, an amazing furnished house can easily change your mood. A mix of comfort, colours and your overall taste and expression can be the best medicine to get you feeling better quickly. 

Marcelo Van Dunem