Sofre De Assédio Sexual? Eis As Maneiras De Parar Imediatamente!


Sexual Harassment can happen in many ways such as actual or attempted rape or sexual assault, unwanted pressure for sexual favors and even unwanted letters, telephone calls, or materials of a sexual nature. Those are gestures that could initiate a sexual harassment. 

There are two different kinds of sexual harassment “quid pro quo” and hostile environment. Usually, hostile environment is the most common one, It occurs when an unwelcome person of a sexual nature creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive working or learning environment or is so severe, persistent or pervasive that it affects a person’s ability to work in or benefit from a University program or their jobs. 

One of the cruelest things about these acts is the way that they entangle, and attempt to contaminate, all of the best things about you,“If you’re sweet and friendly, you’ll think that it’s your fault for accommodating the situation. If you’re tough, well, you might as well decide that it’s no big deal. If you’re a gentle person, then he knew you were weak. If you’re talented, he thought of you as an equal. If you’re ambitious, you wanted it. If you’re savvy, you knew it was coming. If you’re affectionate, you seemed like you were asking for it all along. If you make dirty jokes or have a good time at parties, then why get moralistic? If you’re smart, there’s got to be some way to rationalize this.”

Plus, you might feel like you’re powerless or have no real solutions, especially at work. “What can I do about it? Who do I tell?” wrote screenwriter Liz Meriwether, who was sexually harassed in her twenties by a powerful man but stayed quiet. “Was it that big of a deal? Did I make it up?… It was just a weird thing that happened, and now it’s over, and I’m fine.”

At the end of the day is quite hard for us to do something, especially woman who are the weakest side, but is hard to know who? when? and how? will happen so my question is.... If it happened to you, What would you do?