5 Maneiras De Melhorar A Sua Relação A Longa Distancia


As Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, unfortunately, there’s still couples that won’t be able to spend this memorable day due to long distance relationships…  Our team has been watching carefully and it’s common for (some of) the relationships in them to be left behind. In reality, usually good things never come easy and long relationships are definitely no exception.  Even though these relationships come with challenges, the dedication needed to constantly keep one is why the strongest bonds often come from these successful long distance stories. Due to those situations that life throw us to, there are still people who travel miles and miles for their love, so here are ways to improve your long distance relationship. 


1 and 2  - Surprises are the best! It’ is important that you keep your bubble of creativity on top because when you’re in long distance relationships sometimes texting can be really boring and frustrating because you always try to express your feelings and emotions through emojis and sometimes doesn’t seem to be real because you not really showing to you lover what you feeling in that moment.  Make the use of technology such as FaceTime or Skype, like it or not will help your relationship more than a phone call. Even if even if it's just through a screen. It's obviously not the same as being together in person, but it's the next best thing you've got. But it also helps you to focus more or at least you show more attention to your lover instead of doing multitasking such as call or texting.  

3 - Every little thing is a reason to cheer! 

That includes your holidays personal and professional achievements, that will boost the trust of both of you and also the happiness between both because if love really lives there it will help you both feel more connected. Plus, it'll also give you an excuse to make a visit or do something nice for one another.

4 - Try to do the unexpected such us doing a big effort to travel all the way to their birthday or any special day that your presence would be important to them… That will definitely bring more hope that this relationship is worth to wait. 

5 - Share your enthusiasm with your partner your likes such as series or even your love for physical activity go gym share your experiences trying to do something that somehow it feels like you guys are close to each other, and it is also a good way to improve chemistry. 


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