La Mia Erba Pura






 Alot of people believe that the world of perfume is superficial and just another consumer good to have, or not. I strongly believe that perfume is much more than that. Perfume to me is a message in a bottle, it is saying much more than “Chanel N05” or J’adore Dior”, It definitely defines who you are and thats what you like. When you choose a perfume, whether you wear it or you diffuse it into your home or shop, you are actually using the scent to tell a story, YOUR story. And as you would do if you were to print the story in black ink, you ensure all is true and in agreement with your beliefs, right?

Wearing a perfume that matches your personality is increasing your chances to attract a charming future partner, building up your confidence, lifting up your mood and sending out a clear message to people surrounding you and Sospiro Erba Pura definitely translates all of those elements.


A delicious and stylish combination of citrusy notes including fresh orange, lime and bergamot and sweet fruits layered over a warm and sensual oriental base of amber and white musk. 
It starts off with a blast of splashy fruits, later calmed down amusing mix of fruity vanilla cream with soapy musk.

Marcelo Van DunemComment