Mulheres Que Rapam O Cabelo São Menos Atrativas?

It has always been this statement in our society “women’s must never shave their hair”. Why? Because they will be less feminist? Or less attractive? To a lot of people, women’s shaving their hair is asynonym of stress or a disease such as cancer. It seems the society already has a plan for women’s, in the way how they should behave as wife’s, girlfriends and “women’s” in general, but not in Live Like Chellito. We think women’s that shave their hair they shave for a reason, there’s a true purpose, they are going to see their true self. Social media and magazines have so much impact in woman’s lives, they can inspire you to be something that you never been but at the same time, they inspire woman’s woman’s to do things that that is a way of their reach. I had a chance to talk to couple woman’s that shaved their haired they said: "Empowers you and also builds your confidence in every way. It can be a tool to find yourself and also a tool to truly love your inside and outside beauty.

The idea of this post is to tell every women that you don’t need anybody to tell you how good you look but also make you grow and become an independent woman’s who stands for: “ Hey, I’m a decent person from inside”.